IMG_1040Yakushima is a misty, mystical island that people dream about visiting but are not quite sure where it is. At least, that was what it was to me. They say you have to be called to visit Yakushima. And, that is what happened to me. I visited Yakushima in late-April 2017 and did a 3-day solo north-to-south trek across the island, my first ever backpacking trip!

Yakushima inspired this blog, but now that I’ve managed to write more stuff, I’m gathering all the Yakushima posts here for easy access.


Yakushima Hike Day 0: Getting There

Yakushima Hike Day 1: Mountain Hut Debut

Yakushima Hike Day 2: So Stoke!

Yakushima Hike Day 3: Off the Beaten Path

Helpful Information:

Yakushima: Choose Your Own Adventure Land

Yakushima: Gear List and Gear Reviews