Day Hike from Tokyo: Seihachiyama (清八山)

Ah, springtime in Tokyo. The time of the year when you seek an easy weekend day hike to get a nice view of Mt. Fuji while it still has a snow cap. I hiked Seihachiyama (清八山) with friends on May 20 and it was the best view of Mt. Fuji I have ever seen. Unlike … Continue reading Day Hike from Tokyo: Seihachiyama (清八山)

Yakushima: Gear List and Gear Reviews

What hiking blog would be complete without a post about gear? On my Yakushima trip, I finally got to test out my “big three” pieces of gear that I collected in anticipation of my JMT hike. (Disclaimer: I'm testing out some Amazon affiliate links in this post. So, yeah, I'm really cool and you want to be just like me. So buy all the same things I have so I can make money and never have to go back to a desk job.)

Yakushima: Choose-your-own-adventure-land

So, you've read about my Yakushima adventure and want to plan your own. This post provides information about my trip that may be relevant to your trip planning.

Yakushima Hike Day 3: Off the Beaten Path

I’ve started talking to myself. I’m praying to the weather gods out loud: “Thanks for all the awesome weather this trip so far. Thank you for holding off the rain. Please keep holding off the rain.” I’m cheering myself on: “Go team! Good job, Ankles. That’s it, Knees. Just hang in there for another hour. We’ve all been together 35 years and no one has failed us yet. Guess what? We are pretty bad ass! I promise to take good care of you. (When this is over.) We’re going to the onsen!”

Yakushima Hike Day 1: Mountain Hut Debut

I’m up at 5:30 AM. Tent is still standing and all pegs are still in the ground. Not really wanting to risk the campsite toilet, I break camp and go to the parking area toilet to wash up. I head back toward town to the bus stop for an 8:15 bus to Shirataniunsuikyo, which is … Continue reading Yakushima Hike Day 1: Mountain Hut Debut

Yakushima Hike Day 0: Getting There

At the entrance to the campsite is a sign that says “No unauthorized camping. Please register at the tourist information center.” Well, it took me 40 minutes to find this place and I’m not walking back to the tourist info center now as it starts to rain.