JMT 2019 Day 7: Zero Day at VVR

September 10, 2019
Moseying about VVR
Day miles: 0 mi
Cumulative miles: 66.7

On my zero day at Vermilion Valley Resort, I didn’t even journal. (I took some notes the next day when I got back on trail.) A “zero day” is hiker lingo from a day where you hike zero miles. I had actually planned to take a “nero”, a day where you hike nearly zero miles, but was ahead of schedule.

It was wonderful to wake up, not have to pack up and just wander over to the main building, and order hot breakfast. I think I got both the classic bacon, eggs and pancakes and a breakfast sandwich. I had been craving savory breakfast. The pancakes were the best! Then, I got a shower and did my laundry. I fetched my resupply and packed my food for the next section of trail. I hung out at a picnic table, drank a beer, ate a bag of potato chips, and chatted with other hikers. There was a good mix of PCT hikers, JMT hikers and veteran Sierra hikers hiking loops they’d made up themselves. I pet sat a wonderful trail pup named Darwin when his mom went to take a shower. I took a nap. There is no wifi at VVR (though you can pay to use one of their computers), so I walked out onto the dam for AT&T cell reception and texted friends and family that everything was well. I did some yoga on the beach. I ate a giant fried chicken sandwich for dinner. All these mundane little things felt like absolute luxury. It was a perfect day. (Except I got stung by a bee, more on that later.)

This vortex of two nights and a day at VVR, including paying for my resupply pick-up and taking the ferry both ways cost me $195 and I tipped them $40. The VVR crew was excellent and it was an amazing hiker-friendly experience. Highly recommend resupplying and taking a zero at VVR!


Contemplated helping in the kitchen… but then decided I really just wanted to luxuriate in doing nothing. There already were resupply chores to be done.



Sorting through my resupply. What do I want to eat? What do I not want to eat? A theme for my hike is I have packed too much food. I leave all my oatmeal and a bag of peanut M&Ms in the hiker boxes.


Food for 7 days packed in my bear can and the first days’ food set aside to be packed at the top of my pack. 8 days till my next resupply in Independence!


Wandering out onto the dam for cell service. Lake Edison was formed by Vermilion Valley Dam in 1954, is named after Thomas Edison and owned by Southern California Edison, the power company.

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